leave the machine
find the highest spot of the city

don ́t trust your desires
they are of no interest

stick to your mothers
stick to your sisters

more than 1 is 2
2 is another 1

understand the look of love:
the only cure for heroin
is more heroin
and that ́s the real heroin


don ́t play with the rich kids


ask yourself
ask others:
what is the story?
who tells it?
and who is heard?

sing: it is not your fault (structures)

be a boisterously present
a mountain of debt

always remember:
the purpose of construction is TO MAKE THINGS HOLD TOGETHER

quit your job

talk about money

open the doors

be a fiesta that no one can stop

find a place to bring the things that you collected elsewhere

read Gramsci

don ́t try to stay cool in hot hell

think of memory as geography
not history

ask: where are you going?
never ask: where are you from?